Review by Eric Rappe' on Amazon

I have to admit I was ready to like this book before I started it. As a former military man I enjoy reading about tactics, and weapons, and as a red blooded American I can not get enough of the Star Wars type of space story. This book in idea alone was ready for a 3 star rating from me, and from there the actual telling of it would move this up or down. I found myself deeply respecting many of the characters, especially Captain Kront. The emotions were described perfectly of a man who is forced to make decisions that could cost the lives of his crew/friends or worse. You get to know the players in this story on a level that is up there with some of the best books I have read. As for the telling of the story and the adventures of the Lindman, I was captivated from page one. There is always something going on, something unexpected happening, and a reason to read one more page. So many reasons to read one more page that you find yourself unable to put it down. I would recomend this title to anyone who enjoys a story of friendship, excitement, military tactics and counter tactics, and who enjoys a well written tale with both strong male and female characters. I defy you to not fall in love with Miranda! Well done Mr. Hartwich. I look forward to reading your next tale!