About Us

B. B. Hartwich is a North-West Independent writer. Living in Vancouver Washington he is a father of 4 and devoted husband.

B. B. works for a local Car Rental Company and spends his free time with his family. 

Using a few hours a week he writes on his books.

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You the reader is important

B. B. Hartwich is writing Sci-Fi Books, So Fiction lovers are very welcome to follow my page. Even if you are not the biggist Fiction lover you might just enjoy the books of B. B. Hartwich

History of project

B. B. Hartwich's first book "The Lindman ;Freelance Fighters." is at the moment at the editor. (Kimberly Dunn from ; Dunn Editing. https://www.dunn-editing.com/contact.html " is working hard on the final touches so we can get the book out. Estimated Release Date. (February.)