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10/23/2012 07:34


Monday, October 22, 2012

Technical Editing project...FOR LIFE!

It has come to my attention that as a Technical Editor, I should share some of my current projects with my audience of readers. My degree has given me numerous opportunities to use my blatant, red-ink-of-death on some poor, innocent soul after I have thoroughly convinced a wanna-be author of his or her creative skills.

Truth be told, I have had (and currently have) some AWESOME clients! :)

For instance, the present-day LIFELONG (did I say LiFeLoNg?) project of today's grand mention is that of Danish, living-in-America writer B. B. Hartwich. An avid Science-Fiction writer, Hartwich had three daughers and a beautiful wife. They live in Washington State, and he has set me up with enough book contracts to last me my ENTIRE (hence, the word lIfElOnG) life.

First, we started with a contract for an interesting, futuristic, Marine-based (not aquatic) series of books. It's a cross between Star Wars, Star Trek, and general awesomeness. I hated reading science-fiction in my younger years, but his writing and creativity have changed my mind for good!

A few weeks ago, Hartwich consulted me on a new series of books that he would like to start (even though he's only starting book #2 of the first series of 6 books he wants to write). Again, pure genius comes to play -  I immediately signed on...and then he continued to tell me of a few other novel (literally, in both senses) ideas.

I gulped. Then, I sighed. My hand cramped, like a premonition of future hand cramps as a result of editing some awesome stories in the future!! Woohoo!!! I'm so excited!

Don't get me wrong: I am NOT complaining. It's a tough load to take on, but since we are moving to Washington State, he and I will have a chance to work together in person instead of long-distance. I predict our families will become very close in the future months and years.